#2 – #WWSK 2017

We live in a world where burgers with fake ingredients are consumed far more than the ones with a real recipe and wholesome ingredients. This culture is a reflection of how we have started taking life. It is no more the same natural life that we were used to.

The change is evident with many indicators right in our face. If you started watching Baywatch from the 90s, you would see natural men and women (minus Pamela Anderson) running on the beach half-naked. Their natural hairstyle and body hair were drooled upon. However, the Kardashians and zero hair Justin Timberlake have taken over.

How has the body image perception on the media taken over our lives?

We have started to put on face masks to hide every natural oddity in our body. People with fewer resources resort to makeup and cosmetics to change their looks. However, the individuals with ample amount of resources use cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries to cover up the marks nature has left on them. Is this a healthy trend? That is a debatable topic but the lifestyle that revolves around a plastic life is like living with a face mask on, a fake one that is.

The Problems with the Face Mask Life

Apart from the money involved in cosmetic surgeries, there are many other negativities around it as well. The first and foremost risk is that to your health. Even a small cut that is made on your skin to fix a fundamental error has consequences. It may not be evident right away, but the danger is there. Sometimes it costs you right away, and sometimes age takes the toll on the skin or area where the plastic surgery has been performed.

The second problem is the fact that no one has the amount of money Hollywood stars have. Therefore, you don’t usually get the result displayed on a advertisements on social media or any other media. You may end up hating the result which can shatter your confidence and put a huge dent in your bank account as well. People always argue that there are benefits of it as well, but at what cost? You may look like Angelina Jolie but is it worth the pain that may come along over the years.

Instant Gratification

We have started living in a strange world where we post pictures of our food before we eat. We put up an online presence showing how fun filled our life is. Usually, it is precisely the opposite, so the real question to ask is that who are we fooling? It is only you that we are fooling with the instant happiness that plastic surgery brings us. Women are going crazy to get a life of the Kardashians. However, if you use a little bit of Google to search the Kardashians, you will get to know that they are more hassled and worried in life than you are.

Beauty and money are not the only aspects of life that will give you satisfaction, instant gratification maybe but never long time happiness. Mariana Mendes is a Brazilian model born with a giant congenital melanocytic nevus, and she’s still very proud of herself despite the absurd birthmark on her face (even though she had few sessions of laser treatment as a kid). Therefore, living a natural life with real friends around is always a better idea.

Finally, living the face mask life will push you in the willows of sorrow in the times to come, which is the worst feeling in the world. So, let’s just enjoy life as it is.

~Kolawole Ameerah


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