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Some of us have grown up listening to the fairy tale where the lady keeps on asking the mirror about the prettiest person alive. The mirror keeps on repeating the same answer before there is a twist in the plot. Now, the mirror on that same wall has been replaced by social media, and the reply is in the form of likes, retweets, and Instagram hearts.

The current fast food culture has changed the way we think of beauty on its head. The heart is no more an entity loved for its purity, as it has been substituted with the perfectly tanned skin and the right amount of body fat in the body. The race started off with the entertainment industry and now has come into the life of ordinary people due to the trickle-down effect.

The Change!

Some people are not born beautiful, and therefore, the bare minimum requirement to ask the mirror on the wall is not present as well. In this scenario, science and technology have come to the rescue. Plastic surgery is one of such scientific procedures which can help you in removing any minor or major deformity. Medically, it is an amazing thing (especially if it’s for reconstructive or health purposes), but people have got in a race to look more beautiful poking into the quantum space, by changing nature.

You cannot say that it is the fault of the perfect body Kardashian or the perfect abs Daniel Craig. Since the people in the entertainment industry are paid for their looks, they spend a fortune on themselves, so they can look younger and get the desired roles as well. However, the kind of unlimited resources at their disposal is not in the reach of the typical person. Therefore, the commoner turns to makeup and cheap plastic surgery sessions which cause more harm than good.

The Downside!

Apparently, “gaping under the knife” itself is a phrase that tells you about the inherent danger of plastic surgery. The first and foremost threat is to you and your health alone. The side effects of all plastic surgery procedures are still unknown to the medical society. The effects may be right around the corner, and you may not see it coming if you are not prepared.

The other downside is the dependence on medicines and creams that have side effects on the negative spectrum. Anything which is administered in your body that is unnatural will give you strange results. The results may be useful in the short-term, but you will certainly pay the price when the side effects those to show up in the long run start popping up without any prior intimation, leaving you helpless.

Self Analysis

The best way to gauge the need for a body makeover procedure is to set the benchmark yourself. The ultimate question that you should ask yourself is that “does the particular body part which will go under the knife function properly?” if it does, there is no need to beautify it at the moment. Therefore, irrespective of the surgeon’s competency, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it before deciding on getting a nose job or a chin job?

Your face lifts, Botox treatment, breast augmentation and liposuction are meant to enhance that certain feature of your body, but what happens next? If the plastic surgery is not worth it, then there is no need of getting a procedure done as God has infused imperfections into every creation of His. The likes of Robert Hoge did plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes and to gain self-confidence compared to Jenny Lee who’s so addicted to cosmetic procedures for the sake of vanity.

Therefore, changing the natural face and body composition should only be done in grave circumstances. It is true that every mirror you own will tell you that you are the most beautiful even with the disabilities. Be sure every time you let someone put a cut on your skin, it is a matter of necessity.

Your self-esteem and body image is yours alone, and you shouldn’t allow the pressure from others or the society as a whole to lead you into jumping on the plastic surgery bandwagon. There is nothing like a perfect look and the “mirror on the wall today” is full of deception and could pre-occupy you with imagined body defects (leading to Body Dysmorphic Disorder) if care is not taken.

~Alimi Abbas


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